First, we dive into the difference between Static site generation and Server-side rendering. How an old fashioned HTTP caching can increase your performance by 10 times without breaking a sweat!

Static site generation.

So it’s you and your computer. You have got your website and it’s time to build. So you say: yarn build or npm build . Let’s see what happens, well your computer’s fans spin up first of all.. and then you’re probably going to make some network requests. You're going to go off to some database somewhere or a CMS. Something that’s got the data that you going to use…

This is part two of our mono repo setup. In the first part, we created a mono repo with Lerna and TypeScript. In this part, we will focus on adding Jest to our setup.

You can find the full example and more in the template repo:


Let's install our dependencies. Use one of the following commands.


npm install --save-dev jest ts-jest


yarn add --dev jest ts-jest

After this is done installing, let's create our Jest config file. By default, Jest can run without any config files, but it will not compile files. To make it transpile TypeScript…

This is were the fun starts! Setting up a mono repo from scratch. We will be using TypeScript, Yarn workspaces, Lerna, and Jest. The release of the packages will be done with Github Actions.

In this part, I will explain step by step how to setup Lerna, Yarn Workspaces and Typescript in a mono repo. In the next article, we will focus on how to get Jest working. And the last part, we will handle the release of the packages with Github Actions.

You can find the full example and more in…

At Albert Heijn our frontend is based on a micro-frontend architecture, resulting in a lot of standalone web applications. Keeping all the apps aligned with the latest updates, migrations, and technology can be a challenge. To not write the same code over and over, we make use of shared NPM packages. Managing all of these packages can be tricky, especially at scale.

In this article, we will talk about how to manage these packages at scale and how a mono repo has helped us to develop faster. This is the first article in a series about mono repo’s. …

Auke ten Hoopen

Lead Frontend developer @ Albert Heijn

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